Test Motors is a company specialised in the predictive maintenance of electric motors and generators. Our products and services detect any faults in your electric motors and generators before they become detrimental to your production cycle, and we advise you on how and when to repair them. Like that, we maximise the output of your production plant and minimise maintenance costs.

Test Motors researches and develops its own technology for the predictive maintenance of rotating electrical machines. Together with important companies from each of the sectors we work with, we create reliable and value-added solutions for our clients: TestOFF, TestON and TestIM.

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¿Do you know how much useful life your electric motor/generator has left??

Knowing how much longer the main motors of your production process will last will help you to schedule plant maintenance downtimes. Like that, you will avoid the hassle caused by unscheduled production downtimes, increase production efficiency and get the most out of your rotating electrical machines. Guided by Test Motors, implement an efficient and reliable predictive maintenance solution and discover all its benefits. More»

TestOFF , TestON , TestIM

The predictive maintenance services and products offered by Test Motors. They allow you to detect faults in electric motors and generators at an early stage and manage their repair.More»

A real-life example

Through its products and services, Test Motors can help you to reduce maintenance costs and increase production efficiency. The results obtained through the implementation of the predictive maintenance technology developed by Test Motors are obvious. Discover them through a real-life example: a paper production plant. More»

Your company’s motor

You have stopped and realised that the heart of your business is a motor…or an electric generator, without which you are unable to produce. Regardless of your production process or industrial sector, there is bound to be an electric motor or generator, and its availability will fully or partially condition your production process. Read more about how Test Motors can keep your heart beating. More»